Work Abroad and Fund Your Travelling

Not sure that Au-pairing is for you? But you still want to get away and need a way to pay for your travels? Here are some top ideas of the best jobs abroad that let you travel as well as help  to fund your trip. 



Is English your mother tongue?  Hoora! it’s time to pass on your cockney twange, Scottish slur or your Queeen’s English. Nearly every non native English speaking country has oppertuintes for teaching English. Usually a TEFL qualifaction is needed, but not always so this is worth a look for everyone. Some countries even have their own English teaching programmes, check out  TEFL or JET for more info, and get ready to do some marking!


Tour guide

Are you a people person? love thinking on your toes and calm under the pressure of 10 hungry Americans? Then tour guiding may be for you! You don’t need any qualifications for this, just a lot of patience  a head for info, superb organisation and a super  long lasting smile. A foreign language is a great bonus is this job, not 100% needed but you may struggle without one, and depending on your job terms and pay does vary. Check out or to get you started.

Summer Camps


The USA and Summer camps go together like cake and jam (really well) getting into these summer camp schemes can be a little more tricky and time consuming as it’s a popular choice for lots of travellers looking for a paid break. You’ll be singing around camp fires, running activities and living in a log cabin, what could be better?  Board and lodgings are free, and you do receive some pocket money to fund you, but don’t expect to make millions on this one. Check back soon for a guest post all about camp america and why it could be for you

Travel Blogging


Ever thought about owning your own blog? Got an interesting travel story to tell, or just like writing? Owning your own blog can be a great way of earning income from advertising, guest blog posts containing links to external sites, as well as advertising, is the main way;  but be warned, a travel blog is hard work, and takes real commitment and time and money from it won’t be instant and may take anything up to a year for any real benefits.


Want something a bit less demanding? Check out Odesk, a site where external companies pay you to write, and not just about travel, there are writing jobs for everyone here, from casual blog style writing to academic reviews and more important stuff like food…


Seasonal Work

Not all about helping drunk Brits find the beast deal on Vodka shots in Magaluf (although this is an option if you fancy it!) Bar work, cafe work, as well as instructor work in Ski and adventure resorts is a great way to earn aboard if you are looking to go in peak summer months. Work on farms, picking fruit or helping with harvests is also a great idea, and lot’s of potential for free food! Check out some info about seasonal jobs here

I hope that gives you some idea of how to make money whilst travelling, these really aren’t your only options. There are so many ways to earn a living abroad, check out this list from skyscanner for a few more whacky ideas and check out this site if you want to go back to work after your travelling . And well, if you aren’t sure, just go, get on the plane and live the dream as a waitress  in a cocktail bar!

Do you have any other tips for those wanting to fund their travels? get in touch and let me know!


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